Landfill Capping

The purpose of landfill capping

Landfill capping design system for non-hazardous and hazardous landfills should prevent the intrusion of precipitation into the waste or the release of landfill gases from the waste.

SENSOR DDS® FIXED systems are suitable for such application and allow the client to monitor the integrity of the sealing layer (geomembrane) for more than 30 years (quaranteed by BAM certification of SENSOR DDS® technology)


Landfill capping design cross section (from bottom to top):

  • Waste
  • Leveling layer
  • Gas vent (50cm)
  • Protective geotextile
  • Soil (35cm)
  • Geomembrane
  • Top soil (30cm)
  • Vegetation

The photos from SENSOR DDS FIXED system installation at one of the landfill cappings in Germany

The sensors are tested on site prior to installation

Every single sensor is connected to monitoring box via cable

Sensors are installed directly to clay layer or subsoil

5x5m sensor grid was applied on landfill capping

The view at completly recultivated landfill with vegetation on top

After liner installation we controleded whole surface using SENSOR DDS MIT before other layers were layed down

Landfill capping prevents contamination to spread into the environment

Re-cultivated landfill which is regularly monitored for leaks for the environment risk free