Building foundations

The foundtations of modern buildings are mostly made of reinforced concrete. Concrete in general is not waterprooft, and groundwater outside the foundation wall or surface water that gets to the ground will eventually find its way into the interior. Then it quickly becomes and internal problem with moisture. To avoid this, the geomembrane (pvc, hdpe, ldpe, liquid membrane etc.) is installed on the foundations. Therefore its necessary to test the integrity of such geomembrane to maintain its waterproofing properties.

The leak detection and localisation technologies and methods SENSOR DDS® are quick and reliable way to check the integrity of the foundation waterproofing before they are buried in the ground.

Systems for foundations leak detection & location –

For quick and reliable test of integrity of exposed geomembrane installed at building foundations, it is advisable to use our  SENSOR DDS® MIT.

XS version of our Arc Tester is very popular for testing the waterproofing of foundations particularly in buildings for its compact size helping to perform the testing at places with limited access.

SENSOR DDS® Fixed can be installed for permanent monitoring of liner integrity at building foundations.

In a double lining systems we offer an automatic SENSOR DDS® RMS with tile detection and localisation system. This technology allows us to divide the whole area into sectors that are continuously monitored 24/7. In event of a leak, the sector containing the leak will be highlighted on the internal control panel screen.

Few examples of leaks detected and located using SENSOR DDS® technology:

Any breach in geomembrane is identified and localised directly in-situ during testing.

Exposed pvc liner installed on concrete foundation tested with Arc Tester

Before installation of additional layers, it is necessary to test the waterproofing of building foundations

SENSOR DDS® MIT Arc Tester can detect even pinholes

SENSOR DDS® MIT testing the foundation of a commercial building

In order to avoid problems with the moisture of the interior walls, the integrity of waterproofing coating or pvc liner must be tested using SENSOR DDS® 

SENSOR DDS® is suitable for testing all common waterproofing membranes

For permanent monitoring of building foundations we offer leak detection systems to fit your requirements