Introducing the brand new, next gen SENSOR DDS® MIT Arc Tester model year 2020!


Our SENSOR DDS® MIT Arc Tester model year 2020 is the next generation of the device designed to satisfy the demand of leak location control on exposed geomembrane. This unique testing device is ASTM D7953 approved and meets all EU standards as well.

It can precisely locate the holes through the liner including in the welds immediately after installation. it can also detect holes less than 0.1mm in size! When a hole is detected, the SENSOR DDS® MIT Arc Tester will alert the user with an internal audio-visual alarm. It is very easy to use and does not require any expensive training unlike other methods. The SENSOR DDS® MIT Arc Tester is simply a “plug & play” device. For those who would like an official training certificate issued by Sensor we do offer a one day training course where we can train as many of your operators as required.

It is Important to note that SENSOR DDS® MIT Arc Testers don’t interfere with each other so on one site multiple units can be used at the same time (refer to device manual). If required, daily productivity can be increased simply by employing more operators so your project will never be late. Our main goal was to bring our clients a QC tool which is more effective, reliable, economical, easy to use and more precise than other commonly used methods including water based systems. We are proud to say that this was achieved in every sense. SENSOR DDS® MIT Arc Tester is made in EU. From the first glance you can see and feel the quality of this product which is backed by standard EU warranty.