Mining Industry

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SENSOR DDS® electronic leak detection systems have been successfully deployed in various mining industry applications on both sides of the Atlantic including:

  • Leach pads
  • Storm ponds
  • Process ponds
  • Pregnant ponds
  • Tailing dams
  • Canal / channel linings
  • Leachate lagoons

Statistically there is a 96.7% chance of damage to the Geomembrane during and immediately after installation, causing leakage (sample of 20,000,000m2). In the Mining industry this means loss of product through geomembrane damage (as much as $500,000/ha/annum). To avoid this, testing should be carried out on the membrane, pre-and post-covering and throughout its service life, to ensure protection from the geomembrane you invested in! Additionally, our monitoring systems detects areas of low saturation on the heap leach itself to ensure maximum output from each load of materials.

Another major benefit is you can also cite the environmental benefits of the installation in order to gain operating permits and pacify objectors from day one. Geomembrane integrity monitoring is the ability to prove to officials that your site has never leaked from the day of construction, meaning that they must look to others for the cause of any symptoms of contamination.