Introducing our brand new roller attachment! Plus, videos of it in use.


Introducing the original Sensor Roller® attachment designed for the SENSOR DDS® MIT ARC TESTER. Now with new functional enhancements to help you achieve up to 40% faster speeds without sacrificing accuracy while performing geomembrane liner surveys. From the original we created in 2015 to the newest version our objective has been to enhance speed and accuracy in order to help you get more work done, faster than your competition. You asked us to improve your productivity and we met your challenge by creating what is without a doubt the original highest quality roller attachment on the market that is made in the EU and will auto-magically help you become more productive with our original speed boosting accessory.

In addition to the highly accurate probes, the new roller attachment increases daily productivity by 40%. It’s designed to test geomembranes fast and reliably. Fits all models of Arc Tester. This is a must have accessory where large areas need to be surveyed and time is a factor.