Sensor was founded in 1990 and since then became the world’s leader in electronic leak detection and location

Sensor’s technology was successfully deployed at more than 1700 projects till the day protecting over seventeen million square metres of geomembrane liners worldwide.

Sensor has its offices in:

  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Slovakia
  • Czech Republic
  • Turkey
  • Canada
  • Chile

And distribution partnerships in:

  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Serbia
  • Italy

The first permanent system for monitoring liner integrity was installed at hazardous landfill site near Bratislava in 1991 and the system is still in operation which only proves the working concept of long term hazardous site monitoring and environmental protection for all those years.

Over nearly 30 years of existence, Sensor has developed range of products under the trademark SENSOR DDS®. For one-time surveys with in-situ results we have portable devices for bare or covered lining systems. For permanent monitoring of liner integrity, we have developed fixed systems with either manual or fully automatic detection and location of the leaks in geomembrane.

In 2018 Sensor has introduced already 4th generation of its revolutionary system for bare liner testing – SENSOR DDS® MIT – Arc Tester which is even faster, more energy efficient and effective than the previous models.

All leak location systems are designed and manufactured in Sensor in according to quality standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. The components of Sensor DDS permanent systems are backed with BAM certification from German institute for material testing. BAM certificate guarantees the minimum lifespan of all Sensor DDS permanent system components to be 30 years.

SENSOR DDS® systems have been successfully applied in following industries:

  • Mining industry – leach pads, tailing dams, process ponds, storm ponds etc.
  • Waste industry – hazardous landfill, non-hazardous landfills, leachate lagoons, landfill capping
  • Water industry – Potable water storage tanks, lakes, dams, evaporation ponds, sewerage treatments, water and sewage pipes
  • Construction industry – green roofs, flat roofs, building foundations, data centre roofs

For the full Sensor story, please click here to read the full story published at FORBES magazine where Sensor owner offered exclusive insides of the Sensorgroup first steps.

Global leader in Leak detection systems
… the only solution you need

  • 1990

    Sensor was founded

  • 1991

    First fixed system installed in the world

    Sensor has installed its very first permanent leak location system at hazardous landfill in Slovakia near Bratislava.

    10x10m sensor grid was used and total size of the area was around 10 000m2. The landfill is being monitored 2x per year till this date what proves the concept of methodology and long lifespan of Sensor system.


  • 1991

    Sensor logo was registered

  • 1991

    SENSOR DDS® register trade mark was established


  • 1992

    Patent for SENSOR DDS® technology was registered

  • 1992

    First Sensor foreign project (in France)


  • 1992

    Sensor appeared in Wall Street Journal with its first article

  • 1993

    Sensor France was established


  • 1994

    First permanent ONLINE system has been installed

  • 1994

    Sensor Japan has been established


  • 1996

    Sensor South Korea has been established

  • 1997

    Sensor Germany has been established


  • 2000

    first model of SENSOR DDS® MIT Arc Tester

  • 2002

    Sensor BAM certification


  • 2002

    Sensor developed conductive geotextile and EU patent was registered

  • 2008

    Sensor Czech Republic has been established


  • 2008

    Sensor UK has been established in Manchester

  • 2011

    First fully automatic SENSOR DDS® RMS on the roof was installed


  • 2013

    Sensor Latino America has been established in Santiago de Chile

  • 2015

    Sensor has introduced SENSOR DDS Tiles


  • 2016

    Sensorline geomembrane for potable water was developed by Sensor

  • 2017

    Sensor Turkey has been established in Ankara


  • 2017

    SENSOR DDS LID® was invented and patented

  • 2017

    Sensor Canada has been established in Montreal


  • 2017

    First installation of SENSOR DDS® MIT GP for permanent monitoring during liner manufacturing has been installed in Bogota, Colombia

  • 2019

    Sensor has introduced result of its newest development - Sensor electric leak location GCL