Covered geomembrane testing


SENSOR DDS® MOBILE technology is designed to inspect the integrity of covered membranes / liners / asphalt irrespective of covering type (e.g. liquids, soil, gravel, etc.).

In this version of SENSOR DDS® technology no permanent components are installed on site, electrical sources are temporarily placed near the area to be tested and the sensors are carried to each grid location where measurements are taken. This technology is based on fact that a generated electric current will follow any moisture through a damaged area of the liner, and mobile sensors placed on top the covering layer can measure the resulting current flow.

Waterproofing methods such as asphalt or plastic liners are often covered with a variety of materials (soil, gravel, concrete) following their installation in many different applications. It is a paradox that it is mainly the installation of this “protective layer” which is the most frequent cause of a damage to a geomembrane.

Experience is critical Technicians must differentiate between environmental / geological influences and anomalies that are as a result of damage. All Sensor technicians are highly experienced and backed by Sensor’s 30-years of accumulated know-how.
The use of SENSOR DDS® MOBILE is limited by the thickness of covering above the liner, which must be no greater than 900mm. Where the liner is submerged (water / toxic liquor) the operable depth is unlimited.

The benefits of SENSOR DDS Mobile
Dipole testing

Risk and Liability

After testing and subsequent repairs, Sensor undertakes to guarantee geomembrane integrity issuing a certificate accordingly and therefore reducing your liability.

Low cost

The cost Sensor’s geomembrane integrity control is trivial when compared with the potential cost repairs and risk of consequential damages post-completion.

No installation needed

This method requires no permanent site installation, it is a very quick and reliable way to control quality to ensure no damage remains after installation of a geomembrane and its protective layer.

Any covering material

SENSOR DDS® Mobile system works on any type of naturally conductive material such as sand, concrete, water, gravel etc. whatever your material selection for the protective layer.


One Sensor technician can control 10 000m² of the geomembrane per day. We can engage up to five technicians and can therefore survey 50 000m² per day, so your project will never be late.

Experienced technicians

Sensor technicians undertake regular training and are selected from the most highly motivated intelligent individuals with a geophysical background.

SENSOR DDS Mobile Dipole Testing Applications:

SENSOR DDS® Mobile is a dipole survey used for integrity testing of covered geomembranes. It can be used on liner covered with variety of materials like soil, gravel, sand, liquids, etc. Among the most used applications are:

  • Green roofs
  • Mining leach pads
  • Mining tailing dams
  • Lakes
  • Balconies
  • Water storage tanks
  • Industry lagoons
  • Sewage tanks
  • Landfills
  • Landfill capping
  • Leachate lagoons
  • Dams

Testing of covered TPO liner on the flat roof

Covered geomembrane survey at the gold’s mine leach pad

Damage found by SENSOR DDS Mobile technology

Dipole testing in the water using SENSOR DDS Mobile, industrial lagoon

Integrity testing of a covered liner on new landfill cell

HDPE liner integrity dipole survey at tailing dam mining project

Leak in geomembrane located during dipole survey performed using SENSOR DDS Mobile technology

Damage detected and located under 900mm thick gravel protective layer