The SENSOR DDS® LMS is system developed by Sensor s.r.o. where regular/irregular grid of sensors is installed permanently into the ground below the geomembrane.

The sensors are usually installed with grid of 8x8m depending on site conditions and client’s requirements. The general rule saying denser the grid, the more accurate the damage will be located.

The sensors are non-metal, made from specially developed conductive polyethylene (HDPE) with specific electrical parameters what allows us to monitor the distribution of the current flow below the geomembrane.

The SENSOR DDS® LMS is offline system which means that the integrity of the geomembrane must be tested by Sensor technician directly on site. Any defects would be detected and located in testing phase and then exposed and repaired by geomembrane installation contractor.

After system installation, the integrity of the geomembrane can be checked in regular intervals upon agreement with the client. The certificate of the integrity will be issued by Sensor after each test.


The benefits of SENSOR DDS® LMS:

  • Can be installed in association with any type of (non-conductive) liner / moisture barrier
  • Quick on-site measurement process
  • Measurement process quicker than a Mobile system
  • Not limited by depth or type of covering to the liner installation as with Mobile Probe system
  • In any storage situation where contamination of, or by, the stored product is unacceptable the liner can be safely ruled out as the cause of the problem.