Storm Pond

Storm Pond at Gold Mine

Storm Pond is a pond for collection of rainwater at mining plants or other industrial zones. Usually the water contains some amount of the hazardous chemicals or other liquid what needs to be stored properly. For that reason, waterproof geomembrane is installed at these ponds to prevent underground pollution. Integrity of such geomembrane must be tested after its installation. Geomembrane damage caused by transport or its installation process will be detected and fixed to assure 100% geomembrane waterproofing. 














































Storm Pond's design cross section (from bottom to top):

- Compacted clay

- Geomembrane HDPE (1.5mm)


Storm Pond area is 27.500m2. The total number of 50 leaks was detected straight after geomembrane installation using our revolutionary arc tester - SENSOR DDS® MIT. Sizes of the leaks varied from 1mm - 300mm. If you consider that single 1mm damage can leak approximately 2000 liters of liquied per day, amount of leaks was alarming. The most common defects were cuts, burns and weak extrusion welds. 

SENSOR DDS® MIT survey of bare geomembrane has been completed in 3 days on this site and survey was conducted by two experienced technicians.

The client has repaired located damage which were tested again afterwards. Sensor has issued report including official certificate of geomembrane integrity of the tested Storm Pond. 


Examples of detected damage:

Cut detected by SENSOR DDS MIT
Cut detected by SENSOR DDS MIT
Leaking weld detected by SENSOR DDS MIT
Puncture from below detected by SENSOR DDS MIT
Faulty extrusion weld detected by SENSOR DDS MIT