SENSOR DDS® MIT is a unique product developed by Sensor capitalising on our experiences with geomembrane integrity testing over the last 24 years. We have been providing exposed geomembrane testing services using SENSOR DDS® MIT for some over 15 years and we have already surveyed many million square metres of geomembrane.

SENSOR DDS® MIT is developed according to ASTM D7953

This year we have decided to offer our clients even more flexibility and ability to conduct their own surveys using our SENSOR DDS® MIT equipment. We now sell 3 versions of SENSOR DDS® MIT. Standard model suitable for small and large areas; a light version used mostly on slopes due to its light weight; and an XL version for sites with limited personal access where technician can reach up to 6m from the floor or down from an elevated position. Please see the table below:

Technical Specification


- Adjustable output voltage range: 6-30kV DC

- Variable sensitivity: 0-3 mA

- Maximum continuous current: <3mA

- Operating time on full battery: min 16 hours

- Meter accuracy: +/- 1%

- Mains voltage for charging: 110 to 240V AC, 50/60 Hz

- Weight (unit only): 1.2 - 3.2kg (2.6 - 7lbs) depends on the model

- Dimensions (unit only): 159cm length x 6cm depth

- Packed Weight: 15kg

- Dimensions (packed): 100cm x 41cm x 15.5cm

- Battery: 12V, 4.5Ah or 7.2Ah


SENSOR DDS® MIT description

The Package Includes:



- Very Resistive Travel Case

- Grounding Cable

- Grounding Electrode

- 2 x Standard Probes (2x0.5m)

- Battery Bag

- Battery Charger Including Plug Adapter (depending on country of purchase)

- Spare Fuses

- Certification

- User's Manual

SENSOR DDS® MIT vs Water based methods

SENSOR DDS® MIT Certification


SENSOR DDS® MIT complies with all enforceable standards, norms and regulations (High voltage directives, Electromagnetic compatibility, Environment, etc.)

SENSOR DDS® MIT has CE certification as prove of high standards. Every unit is properly calibrated and tested before it leaves our factory.

For more information about certificates, please click on following link:

SENSOR DDS® MIT Photo Gallery



Q: Does the equipment need water to operate?

A: No it is a dry system that doesn’t require any water to operate at all.


Q: How many people are needed to operate one unit of SENSOR DDS® MIT?

A: One SENSOR DDS® MIT unit is fully operable by one person.


Q: Do I need any special and expensive training to be able to operate your equipment?

A:  Absolutely not. We have made SENSOR DDS® MIT very easy for you to work with, you can learn to operate it entirely from manual provided with the equipment. We do however offer a one day training course for those who require an official certificate.


Q: Will I receive an electrical shock as with other common testers during the test?

A: No. It works on different principal as other common testers so you will not receive any shock when you operate our equipment as you might with others. You should however avoid touching the probes themselves.


Q: What is the smallest size holes that your equipment can detect?

A: It can detect holes less than a pinhole in size.


Q: What type of geomembrane does your equipment work with?

A: It works with any type of geomembrane apart from EPDM and Butyl rubber geomembranes which include a high percentage of conductive elements in its formulation.


Q: What does your product require in order to operate, in terms of site conditions?

A: Below the geomembrane there must be a fairly conductive layer however natural earth, sand, clay or concrete is sufficient. There is no need to install any special conductive layer below geomembrane


Q: Does your SENSOR DDS® MIT work with two layers of geomembrane (double lining system)

A: Yes it works, however conductive layer (i.e. conductive geotextile) must be installed between the two layers of geomembrane as with ALL electric leak technologies.


Q: How long will the battery last on a single charge?

A:  The SENSOR DDS® MIT can test geomembrane integrity for the whole day without any interruption. The specified battery will last more than 15 hours on a single charge.


Q: Can I have custom length of the unit?

A: Yes we can tailor the unit for your application. The standard length of the unit is 1.5m. We do understand every client has different requirements and projects so we can produce the pole length to suit your application.


Q: Can I order different size of the probes?

A: Yes. The standard length of the probes is 1m. This can be produced to fit you requirements.


Q: Must the surface of geomembrane to be tested be wet or dry?

A: The geomembrane to be tested must be completely clean and dry however dust residuals can be present.