Base sealing

Installation planning
Site preparation for SENSOR DDS FIXED installation
Installation of SENSOR DDS FIXED buried components
Installation of SENSOR DDS FIXED buried components
SENSOR DDS MIT testing of exposed geomembrane

Hazardous waste landfill is landfill with waste that poses substantial or potential threats to public or the environemnt.  Therefore focus on leak free sealing layer is absoulutely mandatory.

Sensor offers permanent online systems where the sealing layer is monitored 24/7. (for more information click here). 

SENSOR DDS FIXED systems are suitable for such application and allow the client to monitor the integrity of the sealing layer (geomembrane) for more than 30 years (quaranteed by BAM certification of SENSOR DDS technology)




Landfill design cross section (from bottom to top):

- Compacted clay (50cm)

- SENSOR DDS FIXED components

- Geomembrane (2.5mm)

- Protective geotextile

- Drainage layer - gravel (50cm)

- Hazardous waste


At this site we have applied our standard SZLP (Sensor Zero Leakage Philosophy) which means that apart from permanent leak monitoring system installation we have been monitoring whole landfill construction process consisting of:

- SENSOR DDS FIXED components installation

- SENSOR DDS MIT survey straight after geomembrane installation to locate any pinholes made during installation or transport of geomembrane

- SENSOR DDS Mobile survey after installation of drainage, protective layer to locate any damage which could occur during placing overliner onto the geomembrane

- First geomembrane integrity control using installed permanent online SENSOR DDS RMS system via Sensor Cloud. 


At the end of the landfill building phase, Sensor issued certificate of geomembrane integrity and Sensor is now actively monitoring this hazardous waste landfill 24/7 using its SENSOR DDS RMS system.